New Sprint Max


May 17th

Unfortunately I missed another weekend of racing. Its now 3 weeks since I’ve raced. I couldnt get a ride out to today’s races in Long Island. So this afternoon a few of us went out for a quick ride to Piermont and back. I felt very good on the bike, quite powerful. We didnt go very hard today. I took a few big pulls at the front of the group just to see how I felt. Today would have been a race day so I wanted to see if my race prep during the week would have been adequate. My pulls were between 1 and 3 minutes and averaged around 380 – 450 watts. Not bad. The state line between New York and New Jersey is a regular spot for a sprint during training rides. As we were heading towards it I was looking bad to see if Aaron or Chris was going to try to jump early. It didnt seem that like was going to happen. Though while looking back I saw that a car was coming up behind us. The great thing was that the car was passing us at exactly the right time. I timed my sprint to be right behind the car to get a good draft.

It was a long sprint but fast. It turned out to be just under 20 secs. long. My form was a little off. I was a bit more forward on the bike that usual. I often see pros sprint this way. The benefit is that I can leverage more of my body weight over the pedals. The drawback is that my rear wheel was skidding like a hot rod with a big ass engine in the front. In fact I had a flat later in the ride. And what do you know, there was a big flap that burned right through the tire clear through the wire casing. That leads me to another inquiry. How much torque is a lot of torque for bike parts? I have a pair of American Classic Hurricanes. These are the strongest wheels that they make. They are quite an impressive wheelset. I have only had them for around 6 months. Unfortunately the rear hub body is already dying. I had it serviced two weeks ago by a mechanic that told me to send it back to the company for replacement. My max torque during the sprint was 1506 in-lbs. That has to be pretty high for these parts to handle. It that is the torque experienced during a big sprint it is also experiencing some big torque repeatedly during other efforts. The kind of workouts that I’ve been doing this season cant be nice to my bike. Its mostly been sprints and short hard repeated efforts. Anyone else having these issues with parts? I’d love to hear from you. I’ve always had issues with bike parts but this one was somewhat unexpected since the wheels are pretty new.

Ride duration 1:33 281 watts norm
Sprint 1736 watts max
20 sec average 1267 watts
10 sec average 1519 watts
5 sec average 1672 watts



  1. that’s amazing wattages you’re peaking at. I can’t see you loosing many sprint finishes if your positioning is decent (or even bad!)


  2. Thanks for the encouragement. I just need to make sure that I have the gas necessary to execute a good sprint at the end of the races. FYI – you’re Cycling Tips blog is great.

  3. […] New Sprint Max […]

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