Manville Crit

May 22nd

Three of us ventured out to do the Manville Crit. It was me, Chris and Stoffel. The course is a pretty square 4 corner. There was a slight rise on the back leg and slight decline on the front leg. The other two sides are pretty flat. The road surface was pretty rough with many bumps, cracks and holes. Each corner had different obstacles. There were storm drains, manhole covers, and patches of freshly installed pavement that was covered with dust and grit. This new pavement was soft because it was really hot out. There was plenty to be on the lookout for. A little mistake here or there could spell a painful end to your race. This was the conclusion for a number of the participants. The paramedics were kept pretty busy. We saw the first casualties just a couple of laps into the race. The pace was really fast from the gun. Between the speed and the makeup of the course, we were stretched out single file for much of the race. We had a few neutral laps while bodies were being carted away in the ambulance. Even during the neutral laps it seemed like we were moving at a decent clip. Between the crashes and guys cracking, a good chunk of the field was out of the race before the race finished. I was one of them.

I think that the high temperature had a negative effect on me. My heartrate was 155bpm just standing at the start line. A thorough warmup would probably have been helpful too. My warmup was pretty brief. I started near the back and worked up to a good position in the field. At about 2/3rds of the way through the race, I exploded. I cracked and fell backwards through the pack. My legs were having no more of this pain. I tagged on to the back but couldnt hang on for long. I popped and fell through many other stragglers that were trying to hang on for dear life.

The race was won by some guy from the Type 1 amateur team. This guy was a beast. He attacked the field solo. At one point during the race he had a minute on the field. When his gap was at its largest he would begin a leg of the course while the field was just leaving it. With the pace he was pushing, he would have lapped the field if the race was longer.

My teammate Stoffel attacked solo for 2nd place. He looked amazing today. At one point he had near 30 seconds on the field. He got a well earned podium finish today.

After them there was 2 guys that sprinted to the line. The rest of the remaining field sprinted as best they could. It was more like, they limped across the line just happy for it to be over.

After looking at my power file it is very clear about how difficult the race was. I added a gridline at 800 watts for reference. I went over 800 watts 19 times in less than 30 minutes. Thats madness. Big props to those that did well here.

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