Hartford Crit

May 24th

Good sized field, nice day. Again I was feeling like shit. I’ve been torn between two lives this weekend. A social partying life and a responsible athlete’s life. I havent been partying but I have had a couple of beers each night this weekend. I’ve also been staying up much later than usual. I think the big problem is the fact that I’ve taken sleeping pills each night to ensure that I sleep through the entire night. I’ve been having horrible sleep during the last 2 weeks. Probably due to work stress. So I’ve waken up a bit dopey each morning unable to truly wake up.

I kept good field position today. Conserved energy. I got myself in a good position with 10 laps to go. There was a lot of moves going off the front. Today was a tougher race. At the end, I just didnt have the legs to keep my position. I was fighting my way up the peloton on each of the last few laps. I hit my hardest effort with 4 mins to go in the race. This is when I was attacking up the side of the field to get a better spot in the field. When bell lap came, I had no chance of getting near the front so I just rolled in and called it a good workout


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