June 1st

Five rounds for time of:
40 pound Dumbbells split clean, 15 reps
21 Pull-ups

This was a really tough workout, pure murder on the hands. My hands have never taken a beating like that from a workout before. The Split Cleans were deceiving. I thought 40 lbs ahh, no big deal. Shit, jokes on me. 40 lbs with dumbells is quite challenging. I think that as you progress further through the workout your form improves. Earlier in the workout when you are fresh you find yourself doing a partial curl to get the dumbells up to your shoulders. After 2 rounds when the biceps start getting fatigued you are forced to jump the weight up, as you should have been doing in the first place. As always the pullups were by far my weakness. I finished in 15:39. I was pretty cooked. Amazing to realize how much cardio is involved in this workout. My grip was shot. Fortunately no ripped palms. Though I had plenty of fluid collecting into various blisters on my palms and fingers. If my periodic hand filing is the reason that my hands didnt rip, I’m very happy that made the effort. During the later rounds of pullups I kept looking at my hands. I wonder if not using chalk would have been helpful. At this time I think it may have been better to not have such a steady grip that chalk provides.


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