Keep it short. Make it hurt

contador gas

June 6th

I didnt have an exact workout that I wanted to do today. I didnt want to do CF today. I knew that I wanted to go outside on the bike. Today would have been a race day but I couldnt get a ride to the race that I wanted to. I went out on 9W and just rode hard for just under 2 hours minus the 30 mins spent riding to and from my house. I felt powerful today on the bike. It was good. I’d like to be strong for the latter half of the season. Guys are gonna begin getting burnt out and tired. I need to capitalize on it. On my way back to the bridge I ran into some guys that I knew. It was perfect timing as they helped me to ride harder than I would have by myself. We opened up a sprint and I hit a new 20 sec PR, 1298 watts. This is 30 watts more than when I hit a new peak sprint max 2 weeks ago. Over a longer sprint, its much better to hold a higher wattage over time than to have a high peak output that you can not sustain. This time I maxed at 1508 watts versus the 1736 watts of 2 weeks ago. My 30 sec power was 968 watts versus 905 watts 2 weeks ago. This is not to say that I couldnt have done this then. The sprints were done on different bits of road with different characteristics. It is good to learn more about my abilities. It helps to be confident about certain things when racing.


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