Nutmeg Crit

June 13th

Nutmeg Crit (CT State Championships)

Masters 30+
Good group in this field. Masters is always interesting because you have a motley crue of riders. The only criteria is your age. You can end up racing with guys of all categories including ones and twos. Sometimes youre in a field with former pros. My goal today was to sit in and stay sheltered. I wanted to position myself for the finishing move. I made it my job to shadow last year’s winner. He’s a smart racer who has been winning races for longer than I can remember. The race was really fast. Much of it was spent single or double file as we were chasing down the constant attacks. I made it up the road in two short lived moves. If my shadow guys was there, so was I. With about 3 or 4 to go the field split. I was stuck in the back half therefore missing the winning move. But again I was still with my shadow guy. He had a number of teammates there that were clearly trying to control the race. When the field split they didnt have the power necessary to bring it back. I got a great workout during this race. I can remember during the race how great it felt to be at 175 heartrate. There were good chunks of time spent in the high 180s.

Duration 43:32
Norm Power 298 watts avg
Heartrate 175 bpm avg
Cadence 98 rpm avg

Cat 3
Very large field. This was right after my last race. I felt good. Solidly warmed up from my last race. I wanted to make sure to stay near the back to recover and conserve energy anticipating that the 2nd half of the race would get crazy. At about 5 laps in, I started cramping in my left hamstring. I tried my best to ignore it but it was getting worse. The funny thing is that there was another guy right next to my that was squirming on his bike trying to get comfortable. He was cramping too. He dropped out of the race a few laps later. On the sharpest turn on the course I went through it with my left leg straight because I was scared that it would lock up if I bent it. On a sharp left turn you typically straighten your right leg to push the tires into the ground. I clipped my pedal on the ground during on pass through this turn. I didnt care. I just wanted to fight through the pain. With 15 laps to go, I was playing some major mind games to keep myself from succoming to the pain and quitting the race. I sucked down my drink and moved up position in the field, so that if something happened I would be able to have a delayed reaction. If I had a delayed reaction while being on the back of the field I would have gotten shot off the back. I kept my cadence up to keep the pressure off my muscles. Everytime I had to put big power to the pedals I would feel my muscles seize. I watched the lap cards go down and just concentratred on keeping myself together, I was gonna finish this goddamn race! I searched to windows of opportunity to move up in the field. On the bell lap I found myself at about 10th wheel sitting behind 2 strong sprinters that I often race with. On the back stretch something happened and some guys popped a bunch of spokes in his wheel. There was a split that I had to get around. I jumped to close the gap and my hamstring wasnt having it. It immediately seized up when I was jamming the pedal. It felt like something popped right at the base of my hamstring on the inside of my leg behind the knee. Game Over. I fell backwards through the field. I painfully spun back to the start finish line in probably last place. After the race my teammate said take your helmet off, let me see your head. As usual I was frosty with salt. Going forward, I will be spiking my bottles with like a tablespoon of salt. I must find the solution to this ongoing cramping problem.

Duration 54:33
Norm Power 256
Heartrate 168 bpm
Cadence 94 rpm


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