Corner House Grand Prix

June 21st

Well I fuct up and missed yesterday’s Rocky Hill Classic. I made an error with the start time and ended up missing the start of the race. I really wanted to do this race. I did it 2 years ago and it kicked my ass. I wanted another chance to see how I’d fair.

I made it to the Corner House Grand Prix at the proper time. Signed in and warmed up. It was pouring rain, like it has been for the last month. I did a couple of laps around the course. Shit I thought that I signed up for a flat crit. Damn there wasnt a flat road here. You were either going up or going down. The course was just over 2 miles with what seemed like a mile of climbing and mile of descending in total per lap.

I had a poor starting spot at the line. Right from the gun the fool in front of me crashes out of the gate. I got around him after losing too many spots. The course starts into a climb then a fast decent into an intersection where the road is covered in different traffic paint. We made right turn here. This made for an interesting turn to start the race. I was working hard trying to chase my way up to a better spot in the field. The race seems to have shed a big bunch of riders at this point. Coming right out of the turn you begin climbing. I chased for the next lap while the field was falling apart. As I get close to the group there is a crash which splits up more guys from the field. I continued working was not going to make it back. I ended up doing the next 3 laps solo, passing various dropped riders. With 3 laps to go, 3 guys in a paceline bridged up to me. They flew past me yelling c’mon. I chased them and tagged on the back. Unfortunately they started going slow. I was a little frustrated. It seemed as though they put on the gas to chase me down but once they passed me they gave up hope. I got on the front to pick up the pace. On the last lap I pulled away from them and finished by myself. Two of the guys were dropping off the group.

I’m happy for the spectators and dropped riders who cheered me on to finish. I felt good but just had a poor start to the race. About half of the field finished the race. It was a tough course in miserable weather. It may have been too much for some of the racers. I was not going to allow myself to quit. I’m happy that I didnt. I got in some great training. I’m also happy to say that I didnt have any cramping. I spiked my bottles with maybe too much salt. But maybe it works. I’ll continue experimenting with it.


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