Ride in CP

June 23rd

Today I opted to a ride in Central Park. Its rained in the last few days and is forecasted in the next few days. I wanted to take advantage of the fact that it wasnt raining today and get in a good ride. I hit up the park looking for trouble. I wanted to get a hard workout in. I was riding up to various riders and inquiring what their workouts were. I wanted some companions for a few laps of fast pacelining. After not having any luck I decided to ride hard on my own. Soon 3 guys ended up jumping on my wheel and off we went. One guys was a racer, the other two were some random guys that seemed to think that they could hang with what I had in mind. Thats their fault for not knowing what I was up to. I stayed on the front a good portion of the time because I wanted to punish myself. After a lap and a half the two random guys were shelled. The 2nd popped on Cats Paw. I was trying to dig into the climbs pretty hard. Me and the other racer continued for another lap and a half until he popped. He yelled out to me when he was done. I decided to pack it in since it was already like 830pm. I felt great and was happy for the ride. It was a great workout. My peak 20min was 350 watts, 171 bpm, 95 rpm.


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