CF East Sacramento

Hmmmmm, I think that I'll turn right...

Hmmmmm, I think that I'll turn right...

July 21st

life and work are becoming my biggest limiters to training consistently these days. This happens at this time every year. Not too many suprises there. So I was in Sacramento on business and decided to visit some Crossfit cousins that I’ve never met. I stopped by CF East Sacramento for a workout. The venue is pretty nice. Large, open, column less space. Tons of great equipment and an awesome crew. The photo above is the sign in the parking lot. I thought that this was so cool. Being from NYC, I’ve never seen a sign like that at a Crossfit location…excuse my ignorance, lol. There’s like space and parking and trees and all this crazy shit

So we did a warmup of a 300m row followed by 3 rounds of Samson Stretch, 15 GHD situps, 10 front squats, and 10 behind the neck push presses. The workout as rx’d was 5 rounds of (5) 155lb thrusters, (10) 36″ box jumps, (20) double unders. I scaled down to 115lb thrusters and 32″ box jumps. I finished in 12:24. Excellent workout. As a cash out I did some heavy deadlifts up to 385 and called it a day.

Big thanks to Travis, Brooke, Dusty and Mitch. It was a pleasure working out with you all. There a couple others whose names I dont remember. Dont hate me for it.


Im baaack…

Im baaack…after a good little break. Part of the break was due to lingering hangover symptoms. I definitely did a good job of celebrating the 4th of July. Hard partying on Friday night until 530am and then partying on Saturday until 430am…i think? (dont remember too much).

I attempted to race track on this past wednesday. It was my worst day at the track ever. I took off work with the expectation that I would have a good day of racing. I choose to ride my bike out to the track (never done that before). Well my track bike is set up to be ridden on the track…only. I flatted twice on the way out there. I did my 1st race. It went well. I finished 4th but was cooked afterwards. My 2nd race was painful. I flatted again in my 3rd race. Game over.

So after another weekend of late nights, its time to get back to business.

July 13th

I hit up the park tonight. I wanted to get in a good 2 hour ride at a nice effort. Unfortunately I lost a bit of time because I need to stop at the bike shop. Instead I rode for 1:40. My average norm power was 300 watts at 164 bpm. I’m happy with my numbers. I wanted to get into a strong and steady pace. It went according to plan. I rode with a few others near the end of the ride. Opened up a nice sprint to finish things up at Cats Paw. It hurt like hell but felt great.


June 30th

Five rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
2 pood Kettlebell swing, 30 reps
30 Pull-ups

Killer volume. Today it was pouring rain. Shit its been pouring rain for the past month. No surprises there. This is one nasty workout. The volume is insane. I scaled it down to use 1.5 pood kettlebells and 20 pullups per round. My hands were pretty torn up after this one. This is definitely one of the longer workouts. I finished in 41:37

Keith Berger Memorial Crit

June 28th

Back to CT for some racing. Keith Berger is a great crit. It is well run, organized and fun. Everything is run smoothly. They even have cool freebies for racers. There were 5 primes per race.

Cat 3
This was pretty fast. It was a 25 mile race. I made sure to keep myself in the front of the field throughout the race. Never less than 20th position. There were a couple of wheels that I wanted to make sure to hold. These 2 guys are really consistent and place or win many races. Unfortunately when things got wild during the last couple of laps they werent doing well keeping position. I aborted that mission. I lost position myself. On the last lap I attacked up the outside out of turn 2 to get myself to the front. I slotted in at 5th position. As soon as I sat down in my saddle a swarm surged up the inside. I had no chance to contest the sprint. The race was decided by who would get into turn 3 first. Turn 3 and 4 are about 100m apart and the sprint opens up right out of turn 4. I fought through this area but didnt really open up my sprint. There was no use. I didnt want to be the idiot that crashes the field sprinting for 20th place.

Avg Speed 28.1
Norm Power 295
HR 171
Cadence 92rpm

Masters 30+
Wow, now we’re cooking. This race was blazing fast right from the gun. We were single or double file for the first few laps of the race. Attacks were flying but the field was content on trying to keep things together. Finally a breakaway stuck and I was sure that it was gonna be successful. I turned myself inside out trying to get across to the break. I attacked to try and bridge. I looked back and no one was with me. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to try to do this on my own. Damn. The field eventually caught me but I wasnt going to give up. I spent nearly 3/4s of a lap trying to get across. Man that hurt but still no dice. I slotted back into the field at about 10th wheel. I yelled to my teammate that we have to get across to that move. We eventually got closer to the breakaway but murdered ourselves in the process. Eventually a team shot 3 of their guys across to the break group. Those guys caught the break and shattered it. Word was they averaged over 30mph once they hit the breakaway. They had a half a lap on the field almost instantly. I cant imagine the thoughts in the breakaway groups mind. You turn around and see the guys that you were riding with are gone and they’ve been replaced by 3 guys with the same kits on! Damn. During this madness, I found myself falling slowly backwards through the field. I got gapped off the back and struggled to hang on. I kept riding. Eventually 2 other dropped riders caught up to me. I yelled to them,”lets do this”. We got together and began to work. As soon as we passed the finish line we got pulled by the race ref. Game over. The break was flying and would have lapped us pretty soon. Wow, now that was one fast race.

Avg Speed 29.5mph
Norm Power 292 watts
HR 171bpm
Cadence 93rpm