Im baaack…

Im baaack…after a good little break. Part of the break was due to lingering hangover symptoms. I definitely did a good job of celebrating the 4th of July. Hard partying on Friday night until 530am and then partying on Saturday until 430am…i think? (dont remember too much).

I attempted to race track on this past wednesday. It was my worst day at the track ever. I took off work with the expectation that I would have a good day of racing. I choose to ride my bike out to the track (never done that before). Well my track bike is set up to be ridden on the track…only. I flatted twice on the way out there. I did my 1st race. It went well. I finished 4th but was cooked afterwards. My 2nd race was painful. I flatted again in my 3rd race. Game over.

So after another weekend of late nights, its time to get back to business.

July 13th

I hit up the park tonight. I wanted to get in a good 2 hour ride at a nice effort. Unfortunately I lost a bit of time because I need to stop at the bike shop. Instead I rode for 1:40. My average norm power was 300 watts at 164 bpm. I’m happy with my numbers. I wanted to get into a strong and steady pace. It went according to plan. I rode with a few others near the end of the ride. Opened up a nice sprint to finish things up at Cats Paw. It hurt like hell but felt great.



  1. You old enough to do Masters States? Email me…

  2. Team sprint? 30+? I can probably do it.

  3. Hi. I grew up in NYC racing in Prospect and Central, so I enjoy reading your posts. I’m curious how big you are. You’ve got some nice big numbers, so I was just wondering if you were in the same boat as me: semi big numbers, but also pretty big weight and frontal area.

  4. I’m 6’3 195lbs. I dont consider myself large in general population but I’m definitely a larger road racer.

  5. I’m 6’3″, 200lbs. Should be 195 or maybe less with current muscle mass. I’m out the door now on my way to a 3-stage race. First stage today is a short hill climb TT. Power-to-weight for short events like this (1.5km) sometimes favors guys like us and that surprises a lot of the little guys. Gonna hammer!

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