CF East Sacramento

Hmmmmm, I think that I'll turn right...

Hmmmmm, I think that I'll turn right...

July 21st

life and work are becoming my biggest limiters to training consistently these days. This happens at this time every year. Not too many suprises there. So I was in Sacramento on business and decided to visit some Crossfit cousins that I’ve never met. I stopped by CF East Sacramento for a workout. The venue is pretty nice. Large, open, column less space. Tons of great equipment and an awesome crew. The photo above is the sign in the parking lot. I thought that this was so cool. Being from NYC, I’ve never seen a sign like that at a Crossfit location…excuse my ignorance, lol. There’s like space and parking and trees and all this crazy shit

So we did a warmup of a 300m row followed by 3 rounds of Samson Stretch, 15 GHD situps, 10 front squats, and 10 behind the neck push presses. The workout as rx’d was 5 rounds of (5) 155lb thrusters, (10) 36″ box jumps, (20) double unders. I scaled down to 115lb thrusters and 32″ box jumps. I finished in 12:24. Excellent workout. As a cash out I did some heavy deadlifts up to 385 and called it a day.

Big thanks to Travis, Brooke, Dusty and Mitch. It was a pleasure working out with you all. There a couple others whose names I dont remember. Dont hate me for it.


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