Club Race

August 30th Club Race

Just as I left home it started raining. I actually considered turning around and going back to bed. I was a little cold. It was only 64 degrees but it was raining. Instead I reached in to my pocket and turned up my Master of Puppets album and continued riding.

My stomach was killing me this morning. Must’ve been the slice of carrot cake that I had for breakfast. I scarfed it down 30mins before race time with a glass of kefir…not the wisest dietary choice.

Off we went. I suffered today. My last couple of days workouts were talking to me. The race wasn’t exceptionally fast. There was a lot of up and down that put the whip ass to me. The field did not want to let a break go up the road. I haven’t suffered like that in a race in a while. Hmmm was it the 1.25 mile run, the 75 snatches or the 4.5 hour ride? My hips, quads, and hamstrings were so sore. But look at the bright side…I didn’t have any cramping issues. Thinking about it, I didn’t drink nearly as much as I should have.

I got popped on the “two to go” lap. Harlem Hill, oh Harlem Hill. I made sure to start that one near the front of the field because I had trouble on the two previous laps. It didn’t help. I fell backwards through the field like a pinball. I would fall back a couple of slots and then hang on for a couple of seconds and then fall back a couple of slots, hang on for a couple of seconds, and repeat…you understand. Though there wasn’t the pinball flapper to slap my ass back up through the field. I fought hard to stay in the field. I got dropped on the two previous laps and chased back on. On the last lap I never made it back on.

After the race I had the worst stomach cramps. Its now 6 hours later and they just went away.

Check out the graph. I plotted a gridline at 400 watts to see how often I went above it. My overall average power was low for the race. I’m sure my training fatigue and the surging got the best of me today. I’m happy I did it. That was some good suffering to aid me in being better at life.

club race


Snatch and Run

August 29th

Five rounds for time of:
95 pound Power snatch, 15 reps
Run 400 meters

I couldn’t miss this one. I was feeling full of energy and wanted to do something physical. The rain was coming down in the morning so I didn’t want to ride. Its been a while since we had a workout that included running. I figured lets go do this thing. I’ll just scale the snatches down to 75 lbs. I had a long ride yesterday and a race tomorrow morning.

This was an awesome workout. The snatches do a good job of gassing you. I concentrated on really jumping up the weight and exploding from the hips. A few of my reps got a little sloppy and I quickly learned the importance of proper form. Doing a snatch without a good hip pop makes it a pure upper body movement…not so good. This is a great workout for sprint power. The snatch requires great jumping ability. So you are basically doing a 95lb plyo jump 15 times followed by a 400m sprint.

I was really breathing hard throughout the whole workout. I was really focusing on suffering through it. I finished in 14:37.

Can you do a plyo jump with 460lbs?

Long Ride w/ Climbs

August 28th

I had the day off today. I planned on doing a long ride with a friend who has recently gotten in to cycling. I woke up this morning and it was raining outside. There was a forecast for rain all day. I was so excited to ride a little rain definitely was not going to stop me. I rode for 4 hours and 17 mins. We hit up every climb that I could pile in to our ride. I had my 44T ring on the front so I was getting in some nice grinders going up some of the climbs. Lots of strength work. Ash was pure bike wrestling. It’s a climb at 12%. I fought hard to keep that gear turning over. I did a couple of short sprints for fun as well. It was a fun ride. I haven’t done a long climbing ride in months. It felt great.

254 watts norm power
At a super low 74 rpm

Thrusters, Cleans and High Pulls, yuck

August 25th

Complete as many rounds as possible 20 minutes of:
95 pound Thruster, 5 reps
95 pound Hang Powercleans, 7 reps
95 pound Sumo Deadlift High-pull, 10 reps

Wooo man. This workout was brutal. I feel like I sweat a gallon of water during this one. The thrusters killed me. I was quickly partitioning the reps. The cleans were good. I was able to bang them out unbroken. High pulls, I did them 5 at a time. This workout murdered me. I completed 7 rounds and 5 thrusters.

Makeup workout

August 23rd

Today was a Crossfit rest day. I opted on making up the 7 x 1 rep of Hang Power Cleans. My previous PR in the Hang Power Clean was 175lbs. Today I got a new PR of 205. I was going for 210 but no dice.


Check out this dude doing 30reps at 225. Insane


Aug 22nd

Mengoni Grand Prix

The roads were wet from bad thunderstorms throughout the night. This race was set to be nasty, dirty and dangerous with lots of flats and mechanicals sprinkled in for good measure. The first lap was pretty civil, just a couple of light accelerations here and there. A couple of guys tried to get off the front. All in all everyone seemed to want to get in a decent lap to see how the race course was. Plus everyone was too fresh and ambitious to let the race go up the road in a breakaway on the first lap.

The 2nd lap brought some more action. Still nothing that looked threatening. I sat back and just kept watch on who was doing what. By the end of this lap the rain started again. I didnt have glasses on. I couldnt wear them. They were so fogged up. My eyes were getting pelted by the driving rain and overspray from other riders wheels of dirt and horseshit.

Lap 3 a group went up the road with guys that I knew should not be given a chance to get away. I was not content with allowing the race to go up the road with such a strong group of riders in it. I attacked to bridge across to the group. I made it close but I was not going to give a free trip to the 3 guys that were on my wheel. I flicked my elbow to get the guy behind me to do some work. He wouldnt do shit, so I sat up. Fine if youre not going to work I aint dragging your ass up there. Eventually someone else picked up the slack but by then the field was back together.

Lap 4 the rain was definitely coming down. I kept hearing this voice in my head,”when its raining, attack!” Though I was waiting for the right move at the right time. Riders take extra caution on the downhill by the pool in CP. I knew that this would be a good place to get a gap. I moved to 5th wheel and jammed it into the downhill while the field was on their brakes. Once we hit the bottom of Harlem Hill the field was single file. Luck would have it that we were about to pass the womens field. This would disrupt the group. I railed it up Harlem Hill. A small group of us crested the top and then railed it over the following roller. On this roller I yelled to the group that the field was split. Lets get it together and breakaway from the pack. Only 3 or 4 of us did any fuckin work. I was so pissed. We would have shelled nearly every sprinter in the race. Most of them were sitting in the back of the pack. There was only myself and one other sprinter in this group. Everyone was too busy looking back. Fuck looking back, look forward and GO. Damn just thinking about it irritates me. Those efforts cost me 441 watts for 5 mins. Son of a bitch. Too many matches with nothing good to show for it. Back to the field to recover.

Two laps to go. I was all about sitting in the field and trying to reserve anything that I had left for the sprint. I kept safe for the sprint. Unfortunately 2 guys jumped off the front late in the race. One of them made it and won. The rest of us sprinted. I finished in 9th place. Not so great but good considering that I didnt just sit in and wait for the sprint I was happy with it. Compared to the other fields today, we were pretty safe. We only lost a handful of guys. There was some major carnage in the other fields. Most of that took place during the last lap. There were definitely some fireworks during that lap. Also a crash during the sprint too.

1 hr 24 mins
320 watts norm power
158 bpm
90 rpm

Week Recap

August 18th

Push Press 7 sets, 1 rep
I finished 135-145-175-185-205-225f-215f. Lesson learned, jump into higher weight earlier. The sets at 135 and 145 should not have been done. I could have definitely gotten the 215. I was rushing instead of focusing. Today was my first day teaching a Crossfit Beginner’s Class. I wanted to make sure that I finished my workout in time. Well class was great. We had a big crew today. 10 people showed up.

August 17th

Double-under for 2 minutes
Sit-up for 2 minutes
Double-under for 90 seconds
Sit-up for 90 seconds
Double-under for 1-minute
Sit-up for 1-minute
Double-under for 30 seconds
Sit-up for 30 seconds

My score:
120 DU’s
253 SU’s
373 Total

I need help at Double Unders. I got better at them as the rounds progressed. Higher jumping allowed me to be smoother without fatiguing my arms so much. Situps were good. I think that I did a good job of those. So essentially these scores are per 5 mins of work or 300 secs per movement. I averaged a Double Under every 2.5 secs. I averaged a situp every 1.19 secs. I feel it already. My abs are gonna be cooked tomorrow.

For a cash out we did a pullup/pushup ladder. 1 pullup and 1 pushup for the first minute, 2 pullups and 2 pushups for the second minute, 3 pullups and 3 pushups for the third minute, etc. I died at 9 completed rounds plus 10 pullups and 7 pushups. That whooped my hands.

August 15th

Club Race. 7 laps. I felt good. Kept good position. I was concerned about how I would ride since my Tuesday workout was still with me. My hips were very tight and still sore. My quads were still feeling it. At the end I was in excellent position for the sprint. My teammate Brian lead out the sprint by himself for damn near a mile. He’s awesome. I was sitting 3rd wheel. I jumped a couple of different wheels once he pulled off. Starting the sprint I was on the wheel of the sprinter who won the field sprint. I was so sure that I was going to smoke it. Then my fucking left hamspring completely seized up. Bad, bad cramp. I fell backwards and was passed by like 6 guys. After the sprint I pulled over and began my whimpering routine from a Prospect Park race earlier this season. On that day it was also oppressively humid. My teammate Aaron was next to me after that race and thought that I was gonna cry. Words cant explain how painful those cramps were that day. This time they werent as bad but they were definitely bad.

1:33:46 at 309 norm power
avg cadence 90rpm
avg heartrate 162 watts

August 12th and 13th

I pussy footed through Central Park on a recovery ride. Nice and light with a large social component. Just chatting with other riders and keeping it light. 30 mins max. My quads really needed it.

August 11th


As many reps as possible in 20 minutes:

Men take a 95# barbell and women take a 65# barbell and do the following:
Hang Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Lower behind the head widen your grip
Snatch Grip Push Press
Overhead Squat
Lower behind the head
Back Squat
Behind the Neck Push Press
Rack and
Reverse Deadlift to the floor.

That’s ONE rep.

Post number of reps completed to comments.

This workout was aptly named. The Beast, shit man…yes it was. I scaled my workout down to 75#. I wanted to get in a tough bike workout the next day so I wanted to keep it light. Oh well. This workout still trashed me. I was able to complete 35 rounds in the 20 mins. My quads were cooked. I felt like they ripped during the workout. My shoulders were trashed too. Once I was done I knew that there wouldnt be any hard bike workout happening tomorrow.