Snatch and Run

August 29th

Five rounds for time of:
95 pound Power snatch, 15 reps
Run 400 meters

I couldn’t miss this one. I was feeling full of energy and wanted to do something physical. The rain was coming down in the morning so I didn’t want to ride. Its been a while since we had a workout that included running. I figured lets go do this thing. I’ll just scale the snatches down to 75 lbs. I had a long ride yesterday and a race tomorrow morning.

This was an awesome workout. The snatches do a good job of gassing you. I concentrated on really jumping up the weight and exploding from the hips. A few of my reps got a little sloppy and I quickly learned the importance of proper form. Doing a snatch without a good hip pop makes it a pure upper body movement…not so good. This is a great workout for sprint power. The snatch requires great jumping ability. So you are basically doing a 95lb plyo jump 15 times followed by a 400m sprint.

I was really breathing hard throughout the whole workout. I was really focusing on suffering through it. I finished in 14:37.

Can you do a plyo jump with 460lbs?


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