Club Race

August 30th Club Race

Just as I left home it started raining. I actually considered turning around and going back to bed. I was a little cold. It was only 64 degrees but it was raining. Instead I reached in to my pocket and turned up my Master of Puppets album and continued riding.

My stomach was killing me this morning. Must’ve been the slice of carrot cake that I had for breakfast. I scarfed it down 30mins before race time with a glass of kefir…not the wisest dietary choice.

Off we went. I suffered today. My last couple of days workouts were talking to me. The race wasn’t exceptionally fast. There was a lot of up and down that put the whip ass to me. The field did not want to let a break go up the road. I haven’t suffered like that in a race in a while. Hmmm was it the 1.25 mile run, the 75 snatches or the 4.5 hour ride? My hips, quads, and hamstrings were so sore. But look at the bright side…I didn’t have any cramping issues. Thinking about it, I didn’t drink nearly as much as I should have.

I got popped on the “two to go” lap. Harlem Hill, oh Harlem Hill. I made sure to start that one near the front of the field because I had trouble on the two previous laps. It didn’t help. I fell backwards through the field like a pinball. I would fall back a couple of slots and then hang on for a couple of seconds and then fall back a couple of slots, hang on for a couple of seconds, and repeat…you understand. Though there wasn’t the pinball flapper to slap my ass back up through the field. I fought hard to stay in the field. I got dropped on the two previous laps and chased back on. On the last lap I never made it back on.

After the race I had the worst stomach cramps. Its now 6 hours later and they just went away.

Check out the graph. I plotted a gridline at 400 watts to see how often I went above it. My overall average power was low for the race. I’m sure my training fatigue and the surging got the best of me today. I’m happy I did it. That was some good suffering to aid me in being better at life.

club race


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