September 22nd

Today’s workout was 7 singles of Deadlifts. I sucked today. I did some warmup sets and then began. My back was a little off to begin with. I’ve been sleeping weird and waking up with a sore back. Despite the soreness I went ahead with plans of completing a solid workout. I loaded the bar with 385lbs for my first lift. I picked it up off the ground. About halfway up, something wasnt feeling right. I put it back down. My back did not like that much at all. For the second attempt I dropped the weight to 365lbs. I could barely get it off the floor. 3rd attempt, I dropped to 355lbs. I got that up no problem. Even though I completed the round, something didnt feel right. I aborted the workout. I didnt want to hurt myself. My back was quite irritated. I could feel that it was inflammed. I made the smart decision of calling it quits instead of injuring myself.


Team Ride

September 19th

We had a team ride today. Its recruiting time of the year. So we got together as a team along with some new recruits. It was just a simple trip to the Spoon for coffee and back. A little sprint at State line and some light efforts on the way back. It felt like it has been a long time since I was on the bike. I did a short ride on Thursday but my legs were feeling it from the football workout that I did on Tuesday. I’m beginning to shift my training focus now that my season is over. My aim now is to do Crossfit during the week and long rides on the weekends for the next month or so. I have a lot of travelling coming up for work. This will definitely disrupt my training consistency. After that training phase I will begin to incorporate some Crossfit Endurance workouts during week.

2hrs 44mins

250 norm avg power

Crossfit Football

September 15

Today’s Crossfit workout was 5 x 3 Front Squats. After my recent Crossfit Total…failure, I know that I could use some work on squats. But instead I opted for Crossfit Football today. It looked like an interesting workout.

5 reps Get 185lb barbell overhead with arms extended any way possible

7 pushups

9 GHD back extensions

As many rounds as possible within 12 minutes


I scaled the weight down to 135 lbs. 185 was an absolute bear. I tried a couple of reps with it…no thanks. I would have been lucky to complete 2-3 rounds. This workout was really tough. I didnt realize how bad it would be. I used split jerks to get the weight overhead. So split jerks and pushups back to back toasted my shoulders and wrists. I made a mistake with the GHDs. I did situps instead of back extensions. No big deal, except that GHD situps are tougher for me than GHD back extensions. It seemed like the other exercises went by too quickly. After each round I was like no not split jerks again. The killer was that once I couldnt do the split jerks in a row, they became clean and split jerks. I was too cooked to hold the weight so I had to clean it each time.

I was able to complete 6 rounds and 5 clean and jerks in the 12 mins. What a great experience for my first Crossfit Football workout.



Sept 11th


Five rounds, each for time of:
20 Pull-ups
30 Push-ups
40 Sit-ups
50 Squats

Rest precisely three minutes between each round.

This is a really nasty workout. Simple movements but its the volume and interval format that gets you. Unfortunately I cant find my results for the last time that I encountered this workout. This time I did quite well. That certainly doesnt mean that it hurt any less. Again the pushups are my limiter. I often suffer through body weight exercises like pushups and pullups (but you regular readers knew that already).

My times…3:27-11:43-21:00-30:38-39:10 including rests

I’m sure that is a huge improvement over the last time. I dont remember my times but I vividly remember the face plants that I was doing when my arms were failing during the pushups. This time my pushups were markedly better.

500m Row


Sept 9th

Well today was a rest day. I wanted to test myself and hopefully add my name to the “whiteboard”. For those that dont know the “whiteboard” is a dry erase markerboard or chalk board that is basically our own little hall of fame. The best times for particular workouts are posted on the whiteboard. Theyre up there for all to see. Not only do they inspire congratulations, they also inspire ambition for someone to break that record.

I chose the 500m row. I’ve never done the 500m row for speed. My buddy Luke had the fastest time on the board with a 1:29. I knew that that was a tough time to beat…but what the hell. I gotta try it anyway. In my mind I wanted to break 1:25. I just missed my goal. I finished in 1:25.4. God damn, I didnt realize how bad that effort would mess me up. I felt like I had done a long hard workout. Brain was foggy, my glutes felt like they ripped and my back was on fire. I got pissed at the row at the end of my effort. I just threw the oar handle back to the catch. I was scared that I almost broke the computer on the rower. The battery cover and battery popped off. Fortunately Torch was able to get it running again.

I started nicely. I got up to speed quickly and held around 1:18 pace for the first 100m. I held around 1:22 for the next 200m. With 200m to go, I ran straight into a wall. I felt like I was moving in slow motion. My pace hit 1:25 and then fell to 1:30 at the end. At this point my form was horrible. Next time I will make sure to focus on the form when the pain gets overwhelming. I think that I gave the pain to much credit and it allowed me to loose my concentration on my form. But…I’ll be back and next time it’ll be a sub 1:25

Crossfit Total Failure

Monday Sept 7th

Just back from a wonderful weekend of partying, late nights, and way too much alcohol. Happy Labor Day!

I decided to dedicate my day to returning to normalcy. I did some chores, prepared things to return to work tomorrow and went to Crossfit. I was really excited to do the total today. I was hoping for some improved numbers that would reflect my progress. I know that I’ve definitely progressed though today my numbers did not reflect it.

Today was my Crossfit Total Failure. Mentally I was there. Physically I was in party recovery mode. During my warmup sets on the squats I knew something was wrong. I felt less than sturdy. In fact I felt quite rikkity. I began my 1st attempt at 240lbs and failed. I subsequently failed on the following two attempts. I was really upset. I guess I dove in too deep. Per the Crossfit Total rules if you fail an attempt you can not reduce the weight. Per the Crossfit Total Failure rules you are to (load the bar with a weight that you know you can do, rack it, back off the rack, set position, dip with the weight into a deep squat, start to rebound it, get stuck in the “hole”, dump the weight, feel dizzy, curse yourself, and get really pissed with yourself, repeat 3 times. Next time I believe that I can do without the Crossfit Total Failure rules.

Press. I did 165lbs on my 1st attempt. Moved to 170lbs on the following two and failed them both. Not too bad considering this was better than my previous CF Total press of 155lbs. Note: at this point I’m still upset.

Deadlift. 1st attempt 350lbs, complete. 2nd attempt, 385lbs, complete. 3rd attempt, 405lbs, failed. I know that I could have done the 405lbs but by then I was cooked. The total taxes your system quite nicely. It would be interesting to know how much of an effect my emotions had on draining my energy too.

In the end my CF Total was  a failure. I would be lying if I said that I wish that I didnt party like a rockstar over the weekend. I’ll definitely do it again. Anyway, how many rockstars do the Crossfit Total anyway?

Elizabeth, you again

AFTER - Elizabeth today, hmmm well on second thought...

AFTER - Elizabeth today, hmmm well on second thought...

BEFORE - Elizabeth in January (yuck)

BEFORE - Elizabeth in January (yuck)

Wednesday Sept 2nd

21-15-9 reps of:
Clean 135 pounds
Ring dips

I still have a passionate hate for Elizabeth. This is the first time that we have met in a while. Truth be told, I like her a bit more than last time. She still has a major character flaw, ring dips, that I’m learning to just deal with. Yes, back then, I called her a bitch. I dont regret it. Sad to say that she still is. Through life I’ve learned that you cant change people. You must just accept them as they are. Flaws and all. On the bright side, she’s definitely starting to look much better now.

In January I spent 19:01 with her. Today I spent 9:48 with her. Thats nearly a 10 minute improvement. Another great thing to note is that in January I did 115lb cleans. Today I did it rx’d with 135lb cleans.