Crossfit Total Failure

Monday Sept 7th

Just back from a wonderful weekend of partying, late nights, and way too much alcohol. Happy Labor Day!

I decided to dedicate my day to returning to normalcy. I did some chores, prepared things to return to work tomorrow and went to Crossfit. I was really excited to do the total today. I was hoping for some improved numbers that would reflect my progress. I know that I’ve definitely progressed though today my numbers did not reflect it.

Today was my Crossfit Total Failure. Mentally I was there. Physically I was in party recovery mode. During my warmup sets on the squats I knew something was wrong. I felt less than sturdy. In fact I felt quite rikkity. I began my 1st attempt at 240lbs and failed. I subsequently failed on the following two attempts. I was really upset. I guess I dove in too deep. Per the Crossfit Total rules if you fail an attempt you can not reduce the weight. Per the Crossfit Total Failure rules you are to (load the bar with a weight that you know you can do, rack it, back off the rack, set position, dip with the weight into a deep squat, start to rebound it, get stuck in the “hole”, dump the weight, feel dizzy, curse yourself, and get really pissed with yourself, repeat 3 times. Next time I believe that I can do without the Crossfit Total Failure rules.

Press. I did 165lbs on my 1st attempt. Moved to 170lbs on the following two and failed them both. Not too bad considering this was better than my previous CF Total press of 155lbs. Note: at this point I’m still upset.

Deadlift. 1st attempt 350lbs, complete. 2nd attempt, 385lbs, complete. 3rd attempt, 405lbs, failed. I know that I could have done the 405lbs but by then I was cooked. The total taxes your system quite nicely. It would be interesting to know how much of an effect my emotions had on draining my energy too.

In the end my CF Total was  a failure. I would be lying if I said that I wish that I didnt party like a rockstar over the weekend. I’ll definitely do it again. Anyway, how many rockstars do the Crossfit Total anyway?


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