500m Row


Sept 9th

Well today was a rest day. I wanted to test myself and hopefully add my name to the “whiteboard”. For those that dont know the “whiteboard” is a dry erase markerboard or chalk board that is basically our own little hall of fame. The best times for particular workouts are posted on the whiteboard. Theyre up there for all to see. Not only do they inspire congratulations, they also inspire ambition for someone to break that record.

I chose the 500m row. I’ve never done the 500m row for speed. My buddy Luke had the fastest time on the board with a 1:29. I knew that that was a tough time to beat…but what the hell. I gotta try it anyway. In my mind I wanted to break 1:25. I just missed my goal. I finished in 1:25.4. God damn, I didnt realize how bad that effort would mess me up. I felt like I had done a long hard workout. Brain was foggy, my glutes felt like they ripped and my back was on fire. I got pissed at the row at the end of my effort. I just threw the oar handle back to the catch. I was scared that I almost broke the computer on the rower. The battery cover and battery popped off. Fortunately Torch was able to get it running again.

I started nicely. I got up to speed quickly and held around 1:18 pace for the first 100m. I held around 1:22 for the next 200m. With 200m to go, I ran straight into a wall. I felt like I was moving in slow motion. My pace hit 1:25 and then fell to 1:30 at the end. At this point my form was horrible. Next time I will make sure to focus on the form when the pain gets overwhelming. I think that I gave the pain to much credit and it allowed me to loose my concentration on my form. But…I’ll be back and next time it’ll be a sub 1:25


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