Crossfit Football

September 15

Today’s Crossfit workout was 5 x 3 Front Squats. After my recent Crossfit Total…failure, I know that I could use some work on squats. But instead I opted for Crossfit Football today. It looked like an interesting workout.

5 reps Get 185lb barbell overhead with arms extended any way possible

7 pushups

9 GHD back extensions

As many rounds as possible within 12 minutes


I scaled the weight down to 135 lbs. 185 was an absolute bear. I tried a couple of reps with it…no thanks. I would have been lucky to complete 2-3 rounds. This workout was really tough. I didnt realize how bad it would be. I used split jerks to get the weight overhead. So split jerks and pushups back to back toasted my shoulders and wrists. I made a mistake with the GHDs. I did situps instead of back extensions. No big deal, except that GHD situps are tougher for me than GHD back extensions. It seemed like the other exercises went by too quickly. After each round I was like no not split jerks again. The killer was that once I couldnt do the split jerks in a row, they became clean and split jerks. I was too cooked to hold the weight so I had to clean it each time.

I was able to complete 6 rounds and 5 clean and jerks in the 12 mins. What a great experience for my first Crossfit Football workout.


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