September 22nd

Today’s workout was 7 singles of Deadlifts. I sucked today. I did some warmup sets and then began. My back was a little off to begin with. I’ve been sleeping weird and waking up with a sore back. Despite the soreness I went ahead with plans of completing a solid workout. I loaded the bar with 385lbs for my first lift. I picked it up off the ground. About halfway up, something wasnt feeling right. I put it back down. My back did not like that much at all. For the second attempt I dropped the weight to 365lbs. I could barely get it off the floor. 3rd attempt, I dropped to 355lbs. I got that up no problem. Even though I completed the round, something didnt feel right. I aborted the workout. I didnt want to hurt myself. My back was quite irritated. I could feel that it was inflammed. I made the smart decision of calling it quits instead of injuring myself.


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