Bad move

September 23rd

Todays CF workout was

Five rounds for max reps of:
Body weight bench press
Body weight back squat

I did not want to do the bench and pullup portion of the workout. I just wanted to focus on the squats. My squats have been poor lately. I need to build back my squat strength. I got out of work late today. It was too late to make the trek to Brooklyn. Instead I went to the Harlem Y. Its right around the corner from me.

I was excited for the opportunity to do some squats. I did some warming up with body weight squats. Then I did some sets of overhead squats with the bar and 75lbs. Got on with my work sets. Verdict, my squats suck these days. I completed 5-6 reps per set. On the last rep of my last set I made a big boo boo. I was concerned with getting the weight up. I didnt have spotters and the last thing that I wanted to do was have to dump the weights. I dropped down too quickly into my squat with foolish thoughts of getting a good bounce out of the bottom. I finished the set, racked the weight and took a step back out of the squat rack then…ooo shit what the hell did I do to myself? I was in crazy pain when I put pressure on my left foot. I limped home angry at myself for making a mistake that may force me into a vacation from training. I got home popped a couple of fish oil caps and an ibuprofen for the inflammation and strapped on an ice pack. This is one mistake that I’ll definitely learn from…


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