Team Rides

October 10th

We had another great ride today. It was just the team today. We’ll have recruits out tomorrow. It was good to get some movement going. I’ve been resting since the 300 workout. My body really took a good beating on that one. Its great, now my body feels really strong. The problem is also that I feel really tight too. I’ve begun researching a place to go to get a regular deep tissue sports massage. Today we did ride out to the Spoon and back. Thats the routine these days. We switch it up with different routes but always stop at the Spoon. I hurt a bit on the ride back today. I was feeling those 300 muscles.

Duration 2:42
Norm Power 255 watts
1823kJ of work

October 11th

Today we had another team ride. Good showing today as well. We had one recruit join us today. The team is really motivated right now. This morning it was a bit cooler but still nice. We have to cherish these days with the thought of the cold weather that is ahead. We rode pretty casually on the way out. I put in an effort at State Line. Flubbed the sprint but had a great leadout. Our new guy Sean is a tank. I was overgeared. I hit 1530watts with 30secs at 975watts. These numbers made me want to compare my latest rides. When I looked back at the recent files, I just noticed that I hit a new PR 2 weeks ago. On September 26 team ride I hit 1709watts with 30secs at 1116watts. That 30 second number is solid.

So we hit up the spoon and then came back. I got dropped on the State Line hill again or I should probably say as usual. We chased back on once the road flattened out. I hurt at some points on the way back. Fortunately I was able to execute a good sprint at the end. Brian snuck up behind us and beat me in the end.

Duration 2:17 (I didnt start my file until the bridge)
Norm Power 283
1513kJ of work


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