Friday November 26th – 30min spin

I was still trashed from the last two days. I chose to ride the rollers for a half hour to get some blood flowing. I followed with some foam rolling. My legs are blasted from yesterdays team wod.


Thursday November 25th – Thanksgiving Team WOD

I went to Crossfit 908, near my parents place. They had a great workout planned. I walked in to see Matt one of my CrossfitNYC mates. We were teammates.

Teams of 2 . As one person begins to lunge around the building the other person does a farmers carry around the building until they complete 1 full lap and meet up with their teammate. Once the two meet, they switch roles. The person who was lunging takes the weight, begins the farmers carry, and the other person begins lunging. This process is repeated until each team has made it around the building twice. At that point the team will enter the building and complete a total of 50 burpees.

Farmers Carry (2 35lb dumbbells)
50 Burpees

This was fun. My glutes and quads were absolutely wrecked afterwards.

Wednesday November 24th – Jackie

1000 meter row
45 pound Thruster, 50 reps
30 pull-ups
10:17 This was pretty much the same as last time. I was just 2 seconds slower. Last time i did this was around a year ago. I suffered. This is a tough wod. Today i did it with a sprained ankle. Adrenaline had me going during the wod but my ankle was throbbing when i was done.

Monday November 22nd – Push Press

I wanted to train but nothing on the bike. I had two good weekend rides and want to rest off the bike. The Crossfit WOD was the solution. Today was triples of Push Presses. My weights were 135/155/165/175/185/195lbs. No complaints considering I havent done much work on presses. Its 10lbs off my PR from a year ago.

Sunday November 21st – 3.5 hours

I wanted to get in between 3-4 hours today. I ended up at 3 and a half. This was due to me joining a group ride on the way back home. I wanted to peg the ride at approx 220 watts for the duration. Soon after leaving Nyack I got swarmed by like 20 guys. Testosterone and male ego, made me jump in. So the last 45 mins of my ride was spent at 282 watts, with lots of attacks and accelerations. I hurt good. It was super fun.

3:26 at 233 watts normalized

Saturday November 20th – 2 hours

I went out for a ride for a minimum of 2 hours. Saturdays are quick because I rush back to get ready to teach CF classes at 12.
I spent 2:12 at 225 watts normalized. Felt great. I notice that I feel so much better on my weekend rides if I have a couple of short mid week trainer rides.

Thursday November 18th – Daily Double

30mins on the trainer
170watts average, just spinning the legs…

10min AMRAP
5 reps of 135 lb push press
10 pullups

I completed 8 rounds and 5 pullups. I scaled the push press down to 115 at Round 3. The rx weight was too much on my wrists