I’m Back

Well I really dont have time to maintain this blog in the way that i used to. I’m sure that you’ve figured that out by now. Shit its been over a year since i posted last. Interestingly, the traffic to this blog has been consistent although way off their highs. So now I will just use this as a training log for my workouts with little commentary here and there when i have time. My training has evolved a bit since running my original “experiment”. I’ve learned lots. As a result, you may notice that my workouts have become a little different.

Today’s workout

Five sets of:
275lb Deadlift x 5 reps @ 21X1
Rest 2 minutes
Push-Ups x Max Reps @ 2020 (14, 10, 9, 10 reps. I didnt do the last set)
Rest 2 minutes; and then,
For max reps: 3 minutes of 24kg Kettlebell Swings (completed 120 reps to just above head height, unbroken)
Rest 3 minutes
3 minutes of 24″ Box Jumps (completed 63 reps, unbroken)

I was motivated and tried an additional set of box jumps. Completed 44 reps. I was gassed and rested 2 or 3 times.


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