Sunday November 8th – NYC Marathon

I rode as an escort again this year with the elite wheelchair racers in the NYC Marathon. More specifically this year I rode with a handcyclist. Damn these dudes are fast. I spent an hour and 20mins at recovery pace to the start. 2 hours at 246watts normalized for the race. I did some major suffering today. It was super windy. With those racers being so aero it was a challenge for us cyclists to fight the wind. I switched racers numerous times during the marathon due to various mechanicals and other bike escorts that couldnt keep up with their racers. One racer rolled his tubular on his wheelchair. It was on a carbon Zipp disc. He wasnt going to give up. Despite the tire being completely off his wheel, he kept going. The friction burned his wheel down from 700c to about 250c by the 59th Street bridge. He was super strong. Going up the incline of the 59th Street bridge he was propelling his handcycle with one hand while on the cell phone with his other hand calling for a wheel change. He got his wheel change on the Manhattan side of the bridge and took off like a bat out of hell. I was fighting hard to stay with him. I spent that last 30mins with him at 302watts normalized.


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