Wednesday November 10th – Tabata Sprints

Tabata Sprints on the trainer

warm up: 15mins, 222 avg watts normalized

workout: 20sec work/10sec rest
862w, 651w, 511w, 506w, 496w, 532w, 496w, 493w

I averaged 568watts for the sprints. This was my 1st time doing this during this off season. Last year my first time doing this workout was December 12th. I averaged 520watts. My highest average on this workout last year was 534watts. This is a good sign so far. There is still a lot of work to be done before next season.



  1. Great blog. Glad to see you’re back. Can you summarize how your training thoughts/approaches have changed over time? Are you puttting the same emphasis on CF as before?

  2. Hey Mike

    How are you? Thanks for commenting. Do you race also? I havent stopped training. Its just that i was too busy to maintain this blog. I’m still very much into CF. My approach has changed in terms of the workouts that i do. Fundamentally CF is for GPP. As a bike racer, I specialize. General fitness is not a goal for me. As a result I have avoided many workouts that I dont feel aid my racing. Lately i have focused on doing a strength or o lifting workout followed by a metcon 3 times per week. Check out the Crossfit Invictus blog. They have some great programming. The alternating 2 weekdays are spent doing short tempo workouts on the trainer with one longer endurance/tempo ride on weekends. This is usually 2-3 hours. I plan to keep this up through November. In December my trainer workouts will shift to more interval and threshold work. This is not a rule but rather a theme that I will try to adhere to depending on my schedule, which is typically insane with lots of job responsibilities. I’ll figure out the following months depending on my progress now. So far things are good. My ability to recover from hard workouts is better than ever. I spend time with the roller and lacrosse ball, stretching, diet, fish oil, etc. Check out Kelly’s Mobility blog. That stuff is like my coffee in the morning.

  3. I’m a new racer trying to determine how to make the most out of this winter. Adding a CF-type component is likely. Thanks for the links. I’ll check them out.

  4. Your training is subject to your free time to devote to it. I would recommend that you just try to get a lot of consistent time on the bike. Short and frequent rides will be better than infrequent longer rides. Doing CF every other weekday would be a good place to start. Definitely employ an appropriate amount of scaling of the CF wods that you do so that you can keep the intensity high.

  5. The thoughts/response is appreciated. I’ve been hitting a lot of 12-16 hour weeks this fall. That includes a lot of three-a-days (commute/lunch ride/commute) and longer weekend rides. I’m on the verge of dumping a few of those hours for CF type stuff. I’m pondering 10 sessions of CF in December then a round of testing. What happens if you go through a mesocycle w/o CF? Can you see it in your watts? Recovery? Do you scale back your CF during the racing season?

  6. 12-16 hours, thats a lot of riding. Do you train with power? What kind of rides are you doing? What kind of races are you focusing on in the season? You’ll probably need to reduce your volume if you took up CF. When I first started, I used to be so trashed that riding was difficult because i was so sore. If you are planning on following the main site wods, scale them down a lot. This will allow you to get a good training effect with out taking away too much from your riding. You will get many strength benefits from CF so I dont see that your wattage will suffer if you back off from it. During the season i was still doing 1 or 2 CF sessions per week on some weeks and 0 on others. It all depended on my race focus. It was less strength stuff and heavier on the metcon workouts. Every race isnt a priority race so that should be taken into consideration when choosing when to do CF in season and when not to. Where I live you can race like 3-4 times per week during peak season. They cant all be top priority races.

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