Jan 4th – Still Hungover?

Well just like i expected…I wouldnt be able to workout for a few days. NYE absolutely killed me. Im still off. I think this is the worst ive ever been hungover. i tell people that partying is like being an athlete. if you dont train for it a hard event will beat you up pretty good. When i first started racing, hangovers were easy and racing was hard. Now after all of these years of being a dedicated athlete again, racing is easy and hangovers are hard.

20mins easy on the rollers in the morning

At night I did some strength work. Front box squats
5 x 3
95/135/185/225/235/245/265/275lbs (1 rep PR)


New Years Eve

Tonight is gonna be insane. Gotta get the workout done in the morning cuz its likely that i wont be able to workout again for a few days after tonights madness

5mins x 2, 5mins rest

1min x 5, 1 min rest

December 30th – Trainer

I didnt sleep as well as i would have liked. I didnt have much for this workout today. i broke my tabata sprints in half in order to make sure i was hitting some decent power numbers. After seeing the results i’m considering taking up this approach and programming more sets of tabatas into a workout together. i just wanted to stay above approx 425watts. i achieved that. I will try 4 sets of 4 at 425min watts in the future

10min ramp up. last 5 mins at 270watts

2:30 rest

December 29th – pistols

I was cooked afterwork today so i stayed home and did some pistols while watching television
5 sets of 3 each leg, no bounce out of the bottom

December 27 – Crossfit

1k row 4:09 (worked on form, strong pulls)

Split Jerks

December 26th

Trainer session
5min x 2 with 5min rest

1min x 5 with 1min rest

Christmas Day Tabata Squats

I couldnt find a Crossfit box open today so I opted for a quick bout of Tabata squats in my parents family room. I didnt have any luck trying to convince them to join me.

tabata squats