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Mar 9th

The last time I did this workout was 01.25.09 Unfortunately today’s effort will not be a good gauge for any improvement. As you may have read in my recent posts, Grants Tomb is this coming Saturday. So I’ve decided to reduce my training load a touch to let my body recover. Today I was to do the CFE workout at around 80%. I made sure to hold myself back on these efforts. There are (11) of them so I decided to call it quits at (9). The last time that I did this workout I was pretty fresh. I was coming off a rest day. It was also a weekend so there were no work stresses. Like today, during the week I do my workouts in the evenings afterwork.

To make a long story short, today for the (9) efforts I averaged 10 more watts at 11 less bpm. I plotted my wattage and heart rate on a table for comparison. I started todays workout with lower efforts than last time. On the table you will see that my power during each interval was much more consistent than last time. Last time, I started fading when the recovery periods decreased. You can also see that I’m able to put out more wattage with less effect on my heart rate. This is very noticeable on intervals 6 and 7. On interval 6, I put out 43 more watts at 10 less bpm. On interval 7, I put out 79 more watts at 9 less bpm.

I’m curious to know how much of a difference my pacing had an effect on my heart rate. Maybe next time I do this workout I will have an opportunity to replicate my training load from the time that I did it on 01.25.09 to really give it a clearer picture. Despite some of these differences it seems quite clear to me that my body has adapted quite a bit since the 25th of January. Despite the much larger training load that I’ve experienced in the past week, I’m able to do considerably more work at less effort. This is was training is all about.

Thanks to inspiration from Bee. I’ve been adding images and things to my blog to make it less boring.


Week in Review 03/01/09


Weekly Report – 03.08.09

I figured that it would probably be helpful to do a weekly report to see my time spent training. I plan on doing these from now on. It gives a much clearer picture my training.

3/1  – “Helen” Three rounds for time: Run 400 meters , 1 1/2 pood Kettlebell X 21 swings (or 55 pound dumbbell swing), 12 Pull-ups (9:42)

3/2 – rest

3/3 – “Barbara” Five rounds, each for time of: 20 Pull-ups, 30 Push-ups, 40 Sit-ups, 50 Squats (33:02)

3/4 – rest

3/5 – CFE 10 sec on, 5 sec off x 20 (32:36)

3/6 – “Jackie” 1000 meter row, 45 pound Thruster, 50 reps, 30 pull-ups (10:31)

3/7 – CFE 8 min TT, 1 min rest, 2 min TT, 1 min rest, 2 min TT, 1 min rest, 2 min TT, 1 min rest (93 min)

Crossfit time: 1:38 includes 15 min warmup per workout

Bike time: 2:06

Total Training Time: 3 hrs 44 mins